Global markets update: US stocks end flat ahead of Fed meet


The global financial markets have experienced witnesses of the day when the US stocks were closed. At this market update, trade in the day-to-day trade; We will study the fact that the sign of the sign is dominated by the performance and the performance of the key indicators.

Market Performance

In The main stock index of investors is closed and the loss of investors as investors who reflect uncertainties and the loss. Dow Jones Industrial Computer (DJIA) ended a little lower. The numbers are shut down here.

  1. DOW JONE Industry (DJIA):Djia is disabled in [INSERT SENERT VALUE].
  2. S & P 500:S & P 500 [Anglert Cloen CloorT) is disabled.
  3. NASDAQ Composite:Nasdaq composite [percent change value] disabled.

Points of market emotions

It helps many reasons that cause awareness of a careful attitude in markets.

  1. Federal Reserve Meeting:The main driver of the market attitude is the Federal Reserve meeting. Investors regarding the position of the central bank’s interest rates, inflation and its property purchases on the purchase program. The clues are eagerly awaiting. The hints of faster bonds or potential interest rates increases the market spirit.
  2. Inflation concerns:About inflation The concerns that continue to worry about anxiety continue to feel the investor of the investor. The rise in prices for the goods and services has been afraid of a higher currency policy than the Federal reserve tight tight.
  3. Business information:Contributed to uncertainty of mixed economic data. Reducing unemployment rates and unemployment rates and impacts on the delta region and the impact of the delta region and the impact of the delta region and the impact of the delta.
  4. Corporate Income:Income reports from key companies play a role in implementing the market spirit. The most prominent companies willing to defeat the hopes and want to provide support to the indexes, but the slowdown in the sectors. Concerns have a lot of great enthusiasm.
  5. Geographical tensions:Geographical tensions continued to study in the most commonly used marital uncertainty in the environment of the geographical uncertainty. Investors are watching closely with any developments that can affect global trade and stability.
  6. Technical PointsTrade volumes, technical factors, including instability and marketing marks, have expressed a lack of difficulties between traders. The market is in the place of waiting. Many investors are reluctant to have important activities before the meetings of the feeding sessions.

Market potential

In the coming weeks, the market goal of the federal reserve meeting depends on the parties that feeds and feeders. Here is a few possible possibilities:

  1. Dovish FED:Federal Declamation may increase the confidence in the investor if its accommodation is maintained if its accommodation is maintained by its accommodation. This scene may lead to the relief competition.
  2. Hawkish Fed:On the other hand, the hint or hint or hint or hint of in a transaction or hint of transactions or hints or hints may lead to the headaches for the stock market. Investors can respond by influencing dangerous places, such as dangerous places and dangerous places of dangerous property.
  3. Uncertainty continuesFederal Reserve About its future policy guidance If the uncountable signal is provided, uncertainty will continue to dominate the market. Investors in such scene collaborate with the conflict of conflicting business signals. Stocks may remain.


As the US storage approaches before the US stockpiles closer before the US’s financial reserve meeting, the global financial markets are not alert. Is not aware of. Investors about the Central Bank’s activities and the future of financial policy. Are closely watching the points for clues for clues. Business information and corporate incomes provide some support, but inflation and geopolitical tensions have an incident of uncertainty. The coming weeks are key factors in deciding the Federal Reserve’s plans for a broader reservation program and determine the track of the market to evaluate a broader reservation program.

Global markets update: US stocks end flat ahead of Fed meet
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