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10 Top American Funds and Long Track Mutual Finance Records

The Capital Groups of American Funds family has been offering competitive mutual finance to investors since the 1930s. Recently, it has facilitated 54 funds with a wide array of spanning categories. These funds are managed by data analysts and professional managers regularly with boosted long-track mutual performance records. The American Funds are primarily referred to as mutual funds and refinancing companies managed by American authorities in the United States. This includes all the oldest and largest mutual fund companies. 

The American Funds have great significance as they actively manage all local, national, and international mutual funds to cover broad investment strategies and asset classes. The American Funds are the legacy of excellence that was founded in 1931 to focus long long-term investment strategies with a commitment to improvement and satisfying results. This company ensures the confidence of investors, the extended mutual finance records, and risk management. It endures the stability and success of the best American Emergency funds to build the confidence of investors, prefer their choices of quality, and provide them with better investment options. 

American Funds

However, American Funds as an all-in-one managing authority facilitates the shareholders by giving them integrity, transparency, prioritizing interests, and fiduciary responsibilities. However, Long Track Mutual Finance Records manages the record performance of all mutual funds in a specific time period. These extended performance records are useful to attract huge investments as they evaluate the historical returns, consistency, and volatility of mutual funds. 

Here are descriptive details about top American Funds accordingly:

The Investment Company of America Fund

AIVSX as The Investment Company of America Funds manages income-focused equity funds with growth. It came with an average annual return of 11.39% with its inception in 1934. Meanwhile, in July 2023, AIVXS showed an annual return of 11.11% of the S&P 500. It has a 1.25% dividend yield, 0.58% expense ratio, and 8.72% annualized return over a five-year period.

American Mutual Capital Fund

The American Mutual Fund (AMRMX) is a broad value refinancing with the aim of preserving capital through choosing sustainable dividends and stock offering fundamentals. This is one of the oldest American funds, was launched in 1950 with a 0.40% average annual return. However, its five-year annual return is 7.49%, dividend yield of 2.01%, and 0.58% expense ratio.

New Perspective Fund

In March 1973, American Funds introduced the New Perspective Fund (ANWPX) with the goal to invest in long-term refinancing appreciation. In the form of common stocks, convertible securities, bonds, and preferred stocks, the manager of the fund invests in blue-chip multinational companies. ANWPX has 11.92% inception of average annual return according to the data of May 2021. Today, this fund comes with an 8.62% five-year annual return, 0.72% expense ratio, and 0.91% dividend yield.

The Growth Fund of America

The Growth Fund of America was launched in Dec 1973 to explore the long-term investment growth in undervalued companies, cyclical businesses, and potential turnover stories. This Growth Fund of America is also known as AGTHX. AGTHX has now an 8.89% average annual return with a 0.60% expense ratio and 9.04% as a five-year annual return.


This AMCAP fund was introduced in 1967 with the aim of investing in targeting stocks with extended capital growth that demonstrates high and permanent earnings. This American fund is also famous as AMCPX with an average annual return of 10.13% over the past ten years. With a 0.67% expense ratio, it has a 6.93% five-year annual return. This past data is below the category as the average of 1.10% with 0.27% as dividend production.

The Bond Fund of America

The Bond Fund of America ABNDX was launched in 1973 to maintain the diverse portfolio of fixed income to alter and adjust the bond market condition to pursuit  capital reserve with high income. The American funds ABNDX comes with a 1.25% annual return of the past ten years with a 0.45% five-year annual return. It has a 4.33% dividend yield with a 0.59% expense ratio.

The Income Fund of America

The Income Fund of America AMECX was founded in Dec 1973 to attain capital growth by investing in various stocks, bonds, and convertible securities. It has had a 6.23% annual return over the past ten years with a 4.83% annual return over the last five years and a 0.56% expense ratio of the fund. However, this fund flourishes an attractive 3.58% dividend yield.

Fundamental Investors Fund

The Fundamental Investors Fund (ANCFX) was launched in August 1978 with inception to target the valued opportunities, potential earnings, and stocks exhibiting superior sales. American Funds ANCFX has 10.62% annual return in the past ten years which has been eclipsed by 8.24% in the past five-year annual return. It comes with 0.61% as expense ratio and 1.05% as dividend yield.

The Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America

The Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America (AFTEX) was founded in October 1979 with the aim to intensify tax-exempt income by investing in public and municipal authority bonds. This fund glorifies with a 2.30% annual return over the last ten years and a 0.78% annualized return over five years. AFTEX’s 12-month dividend yield is 1.05% with an expense ratio of 0.50%.

American Balanced Fund

The American Balanced Fund (ABALX) was launched in July 1975 to attain income growth and long-term capital of investment up to 60% in its common stock assets, and 40% growth in the bond market. ABALX comes with an annual return of 5.46% over the past five years with a 0.57% expense ratio and a 2.38% dividend yield. 

The American funds login has an outstanding reputation with a wide significance of stability and satisfying performance. Track performance records help to understand the philosophies of investment, and informed decisions about the complex landscape of mutual fund investment. The New American Funding and track mutual finance records play a vital role in the provision of growth stability in financial industries and access to investment vehicle management to gain financial goals. This is one of the feasible platforms for seasoned investors and new startups that offers compatible deals and investment options according to your preferences.


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