Starring Elly Mazlein, Nasz Sally

Watch the telefilm Puaka Janda starring Elly Mazlein on January 29, 2022, Saturday at 9 pm at Astro Citra.

TITLE :Puaka Janda #puakajanda

Broadcast Time: Saturday, January 29, 2022, 9:00 p.m.

Series: Astro Citra – Citra Exclusive

Director: Hashim Rejab

Production: Pencil Pictures Sdn Bhd

Cast: Elly Mazlein, Nasz Sally, Haeriyanto Hassan, Mak Wan, Kak Girl, Din Tamam, Faris Fitri

Synopsis Puaka Janda

A poor girl who was forced to marry an old man faces various allegations after her husband and parents died in horrific circumstances and she was accused of being the cause. After learning black art, he returned to the village to defend himself against all those who had oppressed him.

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