Sinopsis filem Wira (2019)

Movie & # 39; The Movie & # 39; After I made my progress, the director returned with an action film called Adrian Taha Hero. Showcasing Hair as Azreen as the lead actress. In addition, Indonesian actress Yan Rouhan is also the actress’ # 3; And & # 39; John Wick 3 & # 39; I have seen. The Heroes Movie will be live on November 21, 2019.

Title: White

Show Date: November 21, 2019

Director: Adrian T.

Issues: Multimedia Entertainment, Act 2 Pictures, Golden Screen Cinema and Astro Shaw

Cast: Hairol Azrin, Fat Azmi, Asami Melinda, Ditto Hilal-e-Azam, Josiah Hogan, Dan Syed, Yan Rouhan, Hanley He


Tells Hassan (heir-ul-azar) who left his family since childhood and rejoined the army because of not seeing the people controlled by his family and the king (Dan Syed).

After completing his service in the country, Shah returned to his family to pay his younger brother Zain (Fif Azmi) debt over the defeat of the King-hosted MMA. Hassan and Zayn have to compete again with the king’s children, Wei (Esmee Melinda) and Ryan (Josiah Hogan).

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