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In collaboration with the production company's director Think Tank and Alpha 47 Films, Astro Shaw has produced a horror film titled "Inheritance" that combines elements of exploration and mystery. The movie, which was made at a cost of RM2 million, was directed by Rezaisham Rashid. Kyle Sheikh, Mimi Lana, Faizel Hussain, Fauzia Ahmed Dawood, Hafiz Roshdie, Sweet Kasmin Mena and more. Movie theaters will open in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore starting October 31.

Title: Lost

Showtime: October 31, 2019

Original idea: Natasha Chopra

Scripts: Anwari Ashraf and Alfie Palermo

Director: Rizzyam Rashid

Issue: Hagol Shaw, Alpha 47 Movies, Director's Think Tank

Actors: Shafiq Kaley, Mimi Lana, Fawzia Ahmad Daud, Hafiz Rushdie, Sweet Kasina, Faizal Hussain, Draman Mohammed, Aloi Pardoux, and Jonah Rahim.

A symbol of the future

It tells of Inspector Isaac (Shafiq Kyle), who has found the bodies of women named Belquis and Kostina (Sweet Kasmina), who are imprisoned at the residence and need full investigation by police, led by Inspector Allen. ۔

Since then, Inspector Isaac's life has been interrupted by many strange events, and everyone involved in the case has begun to die one by one. In addition to losing her twin sister Nur (Lana) and losing self-esteem, Nur had to deal with the matter before she lost her life.

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