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Title: Help

Showtime: October 17, 2019

Genre: Horror and mystery

Idea: Schafferland Datum Aaron

Script: Aliyana Ahmed

Director: Zul Abu Qasim

Issue: Madness Films and Shapes Chard Sdn

Cast: Von Raja, Annie Arifin, Lottie Suri, Eazy Ruff, Neither Albania, Joey David, Mamik Putin, Vanessa Engel


It tells of Siri (Lothi Suri) who has to run away from two thugs who are trapped in debt. He returned to the village to give his mother's land grant to pay off her debt. Tries to win, but his desire is thwarted by his younger sister, Rudy (Easy Ruff). Rudy asks Siri to work with Harry (Van Raja), who lives in a hill bungalow.

In the bungalow Harry was accompanied by his personal doctors Dr. Omar (Joey David) and Setra (Vanessa Engel). Earlier Harry's assistant mysteriously disappeared after the ghost intervention of his wife Hannah (Annie Arifin) who died in the crash. Harry offers a monthly salary of 5000mm to anyone who can help. The disappointing series accepts it even though it feels awful while at home.

Harry forbids Siri from going into the bungalow's basement. Expecting this, where Harry holds the treasure, Siri is plotting to rob Harry along with Rudy and White.

On the night of the incident, two bullying followers of Siri were also entering the bungalow. Their robbery plan failed because all doors were closed. The five tried to find a way. They want to escape but are trapped in a mysterious bungalow and Harry's host is hunted down by them.

Can they escape? What's the secret story around the house?

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