Sinopsis Anak Perjanjian Syaitan (2019)

Harmei Yusuf directs the horror film Sun of the Devil on October 24, 2019 in cinemas. They include actors like Nadzmi Adwa, Uncle Membong, Jasmine Hamid, Azlan Cumming and Zionist Noor.

Title: Contract Children

Showtime: October 24, 2019

Script: Katiemen Saberto

Director: Helmie Joseph

Issue: Screen Studio SDN error

Cast: Nadzmi Adhwa, Uncle Memmong, Azlan Cumming, Zionism Hamid, Mohammed Zabari Ibrahim, Rosaline Salane, Atika Samahai, Badr Almatyat

Children of the contract

Teacher tells about Zedi (Ndzemi Adhwa) and his wife Ezelinda (Uncle Mamberong), who have been married for seven years but have no vision. The two are always pressured by Mrs. Zaidi's mother, Mrs. Rahma (Jasmine Hamid), a wealthy widow who has lost her husband's granddaughter. Ms Zedi was always pressured to marry, and Ezlinda was always humiliated by her mother-in-law.

Then Zaidi's teachers called for a job transfer to seek consolation, and he was placed in a village in the district of his father's soul. She lived in Ms. Zaidi's grandmother's house. Organizing a far-flung and scary heir, Mr Mann (Urbanism Noor) has been inhabited for more than five years.

Since moving home, Azlunda has often experienced disturbances in the sounds of playing with children and children, which often upset her and the hysteria. When taken to the clinic, Azlinda's pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor.

However, after the pregnancy, Azlinda got upset again, her weird dreams and her stomach suddenly grew. Until one day when he was upset he ran away and was approaching her & # 39; s mysterious & # 39; The neighbor was hit.

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