Sinopsis 7 Hari Kisah Cinta Langkawi (2019)

Josiah Hogan, Mark Adam and Peter Davis' Romantic Comedy & # 39; 7 Days of Love in Love & # 39; Releasing on October 31, 2019.

Title: Loves the 7 day list

Showtime: October 31, 2019

Directed by: Anwardi Jamil Slong

Issue: cue plex communication sdn bhd, point studios sdn bhd

Performers: Josiah Hogan, Mark Adam, Peter Davies, Chi Azim, Tengko Eli, Amai Kumardin, Sharifa Shahira, Shahriuddin Tambi, Chi Azim, Tengko Norsili

List of users

Mark Ed as good

Josiah Hogan as Joe

Peter Davis as Ben

Sharifa Shahrah as Silent Miss

Amai Commodore as Zole

Shahriar Tembi as Ditto Rahim.

Chi Azim as Adira

Tengko Nourisley as Eli

Tengko Rea as Rhea Colfum

7 days of love snoopsies

Tells a famous blogger named Adira (administered by Chi Azim) who uses the name Diva Asmara Vlog, who regularly posts words of advice and encouragement to her loved ones on teen love issues and ways to resolve them. ۔

When he published a book titled Attracting Men in 7 Days, another Lancashire blogger named Jo (under the authority of Josiah Hogan) tried to prove the effectiveness of the proposed system in his book. challenged. Adira refuses to accept the challenge, but her personal assistant Eli (with the help of Tengko Norsili) appeals to Adira to respond to a challenge that has gone viral on social media.

The challenge presented to Adira was not for Joe to fall in love with her day to day but for Adira to catch Joe's friend Ben (under Peter Davis) from the UK. Further, the situation is complicated by the presence of Joe's friend Nick (administered by Mark Adam), who often stops Joe's plan to damage Adira's reputation (accidentally).

Meanwhile, Adira's father Datuk Rahim (later Shiraldin Tambi) forced his nephew Zul (after Ami Komrodin) to persuade Adira, because he wanted Zul to become his daughter-in-law.

Who will succeed? Edira. Who? Nick Zul. Or Ben?

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