Adik Rayan Died, The Whole World Is Sad1

A five-year-old child rescued after being trapped at a depth of 32 meters in a well since last Saturday, was confirmed dead.

The BBC reported that a royal statement announced Rayan’s departure shortly after he was found and taken out of the well.

Efforts to save Rayan before this was like ‘gripping’ the feelings of the whole country with hundreds of people gathered at the scene. Children who fell to a depth of 32 meters and rescue efforts faced a bitter challenge with fears of landslides.

However, in the aftermath of this tragic accident that claimed the life of a small child, Ryan Oram, King Mohamed VI extended his condolences to the victim’s family.

On social media especially on the Twitter page with the hashtag #SaveRayan became ‘trending’ around the world expressing their joy but after a few minutes of public sad statement Rayan’s brother went away forever. The departure of this child is deeply felt. Alfatihah, heaven for you little boy.

credit: BBC

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