Winning stories Influenced by Nimroon and its script by Mohammad Sayyaf

Winning stories
KUALA LUMPUR 01 NOVEMBER 2019. Pemenang Pelakon Wanita Terbaik Filem, Diana Dianelle pada malam Anugerah Skrin 2019 di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC). NSTP/NURUL SYAZANA ROSE RAZMAN

Influenced by Nimroon and its script by Mohammad Sayyaf, Nimroon and the late Pt Hanif dominated the film category in the recent Injira Screen 2019 (ASK 2019), the anti-corruption film One To Jaga.

One Two Jaga reiterated its victory at the Malaysian Film Festival earlier this year. These include the best films at home, the best film actors (Dr. Rosen Saboh), the best supporting actors (Zahirul Adzam), and the best screenplays (Nimroon, Mohammed Siak and Pitt).

Expressing happiness that One Too Jagga “once again wins the renowned entertainment award in Malaysia”, Nimroon said that its cast and crew have dedicated their victory to Pitt, which is owned by Kuala Lips, Pahang. I was drowned on a fishing trip.

“When I was a director from the beginning, Pitt shared a lot of ideas with me about ways to force the story. It’s a pity we lost them recently but this movie, with us, The work together is of high quality and has been found worldwide. ”

Pitt’s daughters, 16-year-old Dayah Farhana Pitt and 13-year-old Mia Pitt, said their father was proud of receiving the best film award.

Diya said, “They were always optimistic about the emerging winner at ASK 2019 in ASK 2019. One Two Jaga represents the cooperation of three countries between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.”

Mia said, “On her behalf, we would like to thank the all-star cast, which includes Rozdin, Zaheerl, Emerol Affandi, Vinida Imran, Bronte Palare and Nimroon, who performed brilliantly in their respective roles. . ”

Rogen said that playing the role of a “corrupt police officer” was a “great learning experience.”

“I like to play a poor role, whether it’s big men or corrupt bureaucrats. Bad boys sell!” They said.

Zadil said he still cannot control Pitt’s death. “As soon as I won my award, I looked up to the sky and said,” Pitt, you were so good. I will always miss you and never forget you. God bless your loved ones. I will help take care of them, “he said.

Family Tromphs

In the drama categories, Radio Television Malaysia’s DCC participated in the awards.

He won Best Drama, Best Drama Director (Van Efazam Van Daud), Best Drama Editing (Expression Missouri), Best Television Screenplay (Amin Masor) and Best Supporting Drama Actor (Rizidi Rehman).

Van Afzam said: “I have come up with an exciting story of temporary discipline, a subject that most Malaysians can identify with strongly.

The Sissy is about a young boy devoted to a wheelchair-bound father who suffered from a stroke.

Slate martial arts master Rosie, broke the comfort zone of martial arts heroes for her young son to play the role of a weak young parent. ”

Veteran actor Faizal Hussain took the Best Drama Actor for the title role in Samad Tedong on TV3, while Nabila Hoda Sahami took home the best drama actress for Leila’s role in Bardosa till TV One. ۔

Faizal said: “Thank you viewers, for your support throughout all these years. I have asked how many times I have asked but this is the first time I have won for a play in which my role The name is.

Faizal said, “Samad Tedding is a poor man who is often temperamental and defective. He is also a deceitful father who often beats his children with minor mistakes. But after his wife died suddenly, matters improved. Seem to be. ”

Nabila said: “It’s great to win a second time. There is an inspirational story of Leila, a woman from Di Tek Bardosa, whom she has denied by her family over a crime she has never acknowledged. What was. She endures such misfortune with diligence and works hard. To regain the trust of her loved ones. ”

Nabila thanked JS Pictures SDN Bhd’s producer Sheila Russelli and director Azman Yahya when the “winning” story unfolded.

Produced by Youth Movies & Trading Sdn Bhd, Datuk Phys Feroz has been awarded Best Drama Assistant Actor for Kumar Kamaria.

He said: “This is my first ASK win, and I’m glad he won on playing a tough villain named Murad, who insults his main character, Kamariya, the protagonist of the film.

“I would like to express my gratitude to screenwriter Nebula Hada for choosing me for the role of my mentor Datuk Rosim and neither, nor Nabila Hada.”

Avoid the Stars

ASK 2019 began at 9pm last Friday at the Dewan Mardika Potra World Trade Center and saw that six pairs presented different award categories, and most of them were husband and wife teams.

She was Zizan Razzaq and Nabila Hooda, Rosetta Chi Wan and Zayn Syedin, Sethi Sara and Shoaib, Shahazi Sam and Ceutela Melvin, Ira Szakira and Azad Jasmine and Eli Mazlin and mourners.

Round Dean won the Best Actress for a Day by Diana Daniels for Vol. 2, while Amazah Aznan won Best Supporting Drama Actress for Baqi Zakia, and Zarazia for Love for the Best Supporting Drama Series Actress.

“This is my second success at ASK, a few years ago the first supporting actress for Honeymoon.”

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