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On November 9 at 9pm on TV1 at 9pm with the title of Moldor Messenger & # 39; Follow Your Steps & # 39; See a special telephone entitled.

Title: Follow Your Future

Broadcast time: Saturday, November 9, 2019, 9:00 pm
TV Broadcast: TV1 (RTM)
Director: Amy Mazia
Production: Ari Zahari Production


The story of a community in Sabah, a village in front of the settled water of the Bajwa Sea. In the early days, people in this area were not religious and were approached by several Muslim preachers.

One of the preachers here was Joseph, a teacher. However, teacher Yusuf's attempt to convert people to Islam failed and he was killed. The mosque he built was burned down and he was killed along with some people who were praying there. One of the victims was Marwan's wife, Eden's mother.

Marwan is the one who does not want to convert to Islam and preachers especially "so-called" & # 39; Ostaz & # 39; s very angry.

A few years later, teacher Firdous came to the village to follow his father, teacher Joseph. Teacher Firdous hides that he is the son of teacher Joseph because teacher Firdous knew that his efforts could fail.

The teachers began to appeal to the people of the village of Firdous to come closer to the religion and to adapt to the traditions of the community there. Mr Masdell is the father of Marwan, a village head who embraces Islam and invites his people to lead an Islamic lifestyle.

Pigs in population size of water village. Has increased to Adenan was also good at praying, praying, praying. Marwan was not pleased when so many people started to pray and convert to Islam.

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