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Watch the Full Drama series Life Lila published by Mermaid Studios under the direction of Liyana Jasmay will be broadcast through the Lestary TV3 slot. Featuring the acting of Shasha Abedul, Aniq Suhair, Nia Atasha, Siti Hariesa and many more.

TITLE :Life Lila #lifelaila

Tonton Full Episod: 1-13

Release Date: January 2022

Broadcast Time: Wed-Saturday, 9:00 p.m.

Network: Lestary TV3

Director: Liyana Jasmay

Production: Mermaid Studios Sdn Bhd

Cast: Shasha Abedul, Nia Atasha, Siti Hariesa, Aniq Suhair, Dilla Ahmad, Dhuha Mansor, Nik Rifaie, Ariana

Actor character

Nia Atasha as Aunt

Siti Hariesa as Aina

Dilla Ahmad as Julia

Dhuha Mansor as Udin

Sinopsis Life Lila

~ will be updated


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