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Watch this novel adaptation of Norfolk Alicia on TV One, on TV One, every Monday, October 24, 2019, at 7pm. Exhibiting a pair of Seyyar Ridovan, Ravar Rashid, Azhar Ismail and Tisha Shamsir,

Title: She is my Bride

Episode: 26 Episodes

Release Date: October 24, 2019

Release Time: Thursday, 7:00 pm

TV Broadcast: TV1 Widget Slots (RTM)

Director: Pauli John

Product: Tecone Resme sdn Bhd


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Seyedar Ruduzan as Syed Ashraf

Rashid's rose as Amy Najwa

Perfect as Azrael Ismail

Tasha Shamsher as Maya

Esma Daniel as Ditto Syed Alawi

Elijah Myra as Johanna

Synopsis is my wife

Amy Najwa is a beautiful Dutch girl, but difficult to find. This is more important than thinking about her career partner. Besides, she's not a good cook.

The spirit of Amy Najwa is stepping in uncertain direction. Why the person who was the victim of his rival son? And is she also the person who welcomed her when she wanted to fall on the bride's carnival, who scolded her when she got out of the elevator?

Somehow he had to hide his face. However, Amy Najwa must be patient with her. The important thing is that his best friend does not know. But his ears were ringing when he heard Syed Ashraf's loud voice calling him & # 39; bride & # 39; Heard saying The title he hates the most.

Right away! The toolkit is coming! Amy Najwa's refusal to condole her father and mother was re-identified by the man who was her childhood friend. The love of the monkey has never been between them. Besides, who else is the fat babu or his full name Shahabuddin!

Love comes without being invited. It happened unexpectedly. The same thing happened to Amy Najwa. I am happy with the kind of attitude that the martyrs have shown. Without realizing that it was a & # 39; guest & # 39; in his heart for Syed Ashraf. Was. Two different characters. But the behavior of the two men confused him. Both are gentle and caring.

Connected with a heartbeat. Hate is love. This fact is difficult for Amy Najwa to accept. The more he walked away from those who loved him, the more his heart began to sink. He was also invited to envy Tinkoku Alyssa, who was close to those who had hurt his heart.

He said wrongly, is that what is called love? Who Loves Amy Najwa? Who should he choose? Shahabuddin or Syed Ashraf?

The actress is my bride

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