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Watch the drama Dendam Seorang Isteri adapted from the popular Korean series, Temptation Of Wife will fill the Astro Prima Tiara slot. Featuring actors Fasha Sandha, Nad Zainal, Wan Raja and Aidit Noh. Drama produced by Radius One Sdn Bhd, under the direction of Nizam Zakaria and Uchee Fukada.

TITLE : A Wife’s Revenge #dendamseorangisteri

Tonton Full Episod: 1-80

Release Date: 2022

Broadcast Hours: Monday-Friday, 6:00 p.m.

Network: Astro Prima slot Tiara

Script Writers: Lynnda Sharudin, Marr Mohamad, Pahzai Al-Khaired, Suzanna Zaily

Director: Nizam Zakaria, Uchee Fukada

Production: Radius One Sdn Bhd

Actor character

Fasha Sandha as Amira

Wan Raja as Harris

Nad Zainal as Kirana

Aidit Noh as Naufal

Syefik as Syafiq

Amylea as Neelisa

Zarynn Min as Kak Baby

Ziema Din as Datin Mona

Roy Azman as Mus

Kween Keela Sebagai Hilda

Synopsis A Wife’s Revenge

The story of a girl who rises to take revenge on her husband and best friend who have cheated on her.


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